☆ About Emilie ☆

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Emilie Brewer is an LGBTQA+, non-binary and neurodivergent voice actress, specializing in voice over for Video Games and Animation.With a wide vocal range spanning from females of all ages to male children and teens to androgyny, Emilie has the perfect voice for your project.Emilie has lent voices to Video Games, Visual Novels, Animations, Audio Dramas and more. Some projects of note are Killer Kiss, Metrogeneric, Please Don't Hate Christmas, and Five Nights in Anime:SP

☆ Contact ☆

Whether you're looking for a voice actress for your next project or just someone to talk about the industry, feel free to send me a message! I can't wait to hear from you.Emails are for Business Inquires only
Please contact via Discord (mmimirae) for any other inquires

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☆ More about Emilie ☆

Emilie is a life-long artist; drawing, dancing and acting from a young age, she knew she was meant to preform. Originally inspired by Katy Perry, she wanted to become a pop singer and travel the world to perform on stage.Emilie's love for voice over only came in June 2022 while she was watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. While she was watching, she found herself wondering if voice acting was a possibility for her. When she started watching part 6, Stone Ocean, and found out that the main character's voice actress (Kira Buckland) had wanted to voice that character for over 8 years, Emilie knew she could do it. She felt as though she had met with her destiny, gravity had brought her there.In September 2022, Emilie recorded her first ever audition on a $5 microphone she found at a thrift store. Emilie continued to audition, audition and audition with that mic, even landing herself a role with it. Now, Emilie uses a much more expensive microphone but she's no different. She auditions, takes classes and spends time with those she's met on this journey everyday. Emilie is endlessly grateful for the opportunities she's been given in just one year of voice over and cannot wait to see what's to come.Emilie is currently studying to get her Bachelors in Earth Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where she minoring in Theatre and Film.Emilie's biggest voice over goals are to voice Hot Pants from Steel Ball Run, Yasuho Hirose from JoJolion, a playable Genshin Character or in Dishonored (her favourite game series).

Favourite Show/Anime?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! I even have a Joestar tattoo. Though if I had to pick another, I'd say Death Note.

Favourite Video Games?

Dishonored, Fallout, Animal Crossing, Genshin Impact, Stardew Valley and Persona.

Favourite JoJo Character?

Definitely Kakyoin! Though this tends to switch between him, Avdol and Polnareff fairly consistently.

Favourite JoJo Part?

It always used to be part 3 though I've been reading part 8 and absolutely love it. They're super tied!

Favourite Songs?

IPhone - Rico Nasty
Hands Up! - 6arely human
90210 - Travis Scott
Your Name - Heize
Bloody Stream - Coda
20 Min - Lil Uzi Vert

Any Pets?

Two sweet kitties named Buttercup and Garfield and two rats named Pants and Raticate.


Other than VO, listening to hyperpop, drawing, learning languages, playing video games, baking, reading tarot and dancing to old kpop and vocaloid!

Favourite Vocaloid?

Gumi, any day. Close second goes to Luka though.

Favourite Food/Drinks?

For food, I'd go with sushi, curry, poutine or shawarma. For drinks, I'd go for iced coffee and Sprite.

Favourite Baked Good?

Red Velvet cake and cherry cheese cake!

© 2023 by Emilie Brewer

☆ Resume ☆


The Hostage
First Do No Harm
Tunnel Vision
Please Don't Hate Christmas
Room of One Thousand Petals
Permanent Residence
Shadows Between Stars
Radiant Force
Between the Ashes 2
Five Nights in Anime: SP
Jackie's Joyhouse

Killer Kiss
Worlds Collide
RWBY: Dust Queen
Dream Chaser

Corpse Party (Mod)
Danganronpa: The Demo (Mod)
Fallout 4: America Rising 2 (Mod)
Familiar Feelings Webtoon Dub

Video GameAnimation

✭ Video Games ✭


Llu (Lead)
Jess Reynolds (Lead)
Rhime Gant
Mrs Moon
Iizunamaru Megumu, Doremy Sweet
Pandora Ingrid
Rosa Fleur
Rewick, Dak
Ms Shadow
Sarah Moufette

✭ Animation ✭

Linette (Lead), Hyojin
Winter Schnee, Mystery Voice
Keiko, Mariah

✭ Other ✭

Nari Amatoya, Yukie Suzumoto
Sakura Oogami
Paladin Davenport

✭ Training ✭

Kira Buckland, Brook Chalmers, Randy Greer, Rachael MesserAustin Sisk, Corina Boettger, Jen Losi, Emi Lo


Melancholy Marionette
Melancholy Marionette
BakaBaku Studios
Dain Noctem, Neo Arcana
Bucket Knight, Space Bear

Sweet Gamble Toon
Project Nuance

Mason Mell

★Ms Shadow - Five Nights In Anime: SP★

★Mavsa - Worlds Collide★

★Pandora Ingrid - Shadows Between Stars★

★Llu - The Hostage★

★Rosa Fleur - Radiant

★Anastasia - Killer Kiss★

© 2023 by Emilie Brewer

☆ Testimonials ☆

"I cannot begin to praise Emilie enough. Emilie auditioned for several different characters. but I caught them off-guard by assigning them to an off-book option. Emilie rolled with the punches, knocked out the assigned lines quickly, and then stepped up for Doremy (a VERY different character!) when we were in dire need and did the exact same thing and then some. Emilie's range is amazing; their read for Megumu really brought out the intensity of the scenario and the character, while their read of Doremy was as enchanting as the lines she uttered. Their innate understanding of both characters was unabashedly awesome, and really saved the dream of a full cast."

- Juney, Director: Room of One Thousand Petals

"An absolute joy to work with :3 Not only is Emilie a phenomenal voice actor, but also extremely easy to communicate with and an all-around lovely person. Lines were delivered super quickly on a tight game jam deadline which is beyond helpful when you’re rushing around trying to put everything together. I can’t wait to work together again!"

- Melancholy Marionette, Director: The Hostage

© 2023 by Emilie Brewer

☆ Current Studio Specs ☆

Mic: Audio Technica AT2020
Interface: Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Gen
Treatment: Sound blankets and 2 inch acoustic foam
DAWs: Reaper ✭ Audacity ✭ Adobe Audition
Noise floor: -56dB
Connectivity: Source Connect ✭ Zoom ✭ Discord ✭ Skype ✭ Microsoft Teams etc.

Raw Studio Sample

© 2023 by Emilie Brewer